Top 5 Posts of 2014

The Top 5 Posts of 2014

To wrap up the year this week, I’ll be dedicating a few posts to looking back and reflecting.  As a part of that, I thought it would be fun to dig through my blog statistics and find my top five posts of the year.

The Epic Library LEGO Wall: How to Build One

The Epic Library LEGO Wall – How to Build One (Sept 12, 2014)

It certainly doesn’t surprise me that this was my top post from the last year.  It had a total of over 5,000 hits, many of which were in September.  I share this post often when talking about our LEGO wall, and I’ve seen many LEGO walls sprout up either directly or indirectly from this post, included my friend Tiffany Whitehead’s awesome LEGO wall.

Makerspace Resources

Makerspace Resources Page (Feb 21, 2014)

Technically this is a page, not a post, so I’m constantly updating and adding to it.  Still, this has been one of the most visited spaces on my blog this past year.  As I’ve been learning about Makerspaces and how they fit into schools and libraries over the past year, I’ve curated my best resources onto this page.  Over time I’ve added links, videos, and other resources that can help those new to the Maker Movement and Maker veterans alike.

Starting a Makerspace- Baby Steps

Starting a Makerspace: Baby Steps (Feb 4, 2014)

I don’t know if I fully realized it at the time, but this post documented the birth of our Makerspace.  I love having this post here, because it can help others to see that you don’t need tons of money or a fancy 3D printer to start a Makerspace in your school.  A few tables pulled together and a couple bins of K’nex were all that we needed to get started.

The STEM Maker Library Grant

The STEM Maker Library Grant (July 30, 2014)

This post shared about a grant I wrote last year to add more Maker books to our library.  At the time I wrote the grant, we had barely started our Makerspace, but I knew that was the direction we were headed in.  With this grant, we got books on LEGOs, Arduino, crafting, and all kinds of cool DIY books from Instructables and Make. This has helped me to see how important it is to have physical books in your library that support the Maker activities your students are interested in.  I revisited this idea last week with a more expansive post on Building a Makerspace Library.

Build of the Week- littleBits and LEGOs Crane

Build of the Week: littleBits and LEGOs Crane (Oct 17, 2014)

This had started out as a simple Build of the Week post about a project one of my students had created.  Then littleBits featured it in their Five Makers Who Inspire Us e-mail newsletter article, and tons of people clicked on over to see it.

What was your favorite blog post from 2014?

Diana Rendina, MLIS, is the media specialist at Tampa Preparatory School, an independent 6-12 in Tampa, FL. Previously, she was the media specialist at Stewart Middle Magnet School for seven years, where she founded their library makerspace. She is the creator of the blog & is also a monthly contributor to AASL Knowledge Quest. Diana is the winner of the 2016 ISTE Outstanding Young Educator Award, the 2015 ISTE Librarians Network Secondary Award, the 2015 AASL Frances Henne Award & the 2015 SLJ Build Something Bold Award. She is an international speaker on the Maker Movement and has presented at conferences including AASL, FETC & ISTE. Diana co-authored Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace with Colleen and Aaron Graves and is also the author Reimagining Library Spaces: Transform Your Space on Any Budget.


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